The Fatherhood AwardsABOUT THE SHOW

The Fatherhood Awards is created to fulfill two important agendas. 1) Acknowledge, Celebrate and Recognize men who excel as fathers and father-figures, and 2) Progressively promote police-community relations. By bringing together celebrities, artists, athletes and public officials into a festive, music-and-comedy awards show, to recognizes members of the communities they serve, we create a one-of-a-kind event that builds police-community relationships while uplifting ordinary, well-deserving dads for their acts of fatherhood.

This event is part comedy show, part live concert and filled with entertainment.


The B.D.Y.O, is a Certified 501(c)(3) Organization.  Founded in 2001 by A.D. Jenkins, upon the principals of community and youth involvement, the BDYO reaches children ages 6-18 years of age.  The BDYO operates with specific programs that cater to the respective ages and needs of each participant.  With a goal to not only invest in young lives, but to provide them the tools and resources necessary to become positive contributors in their communities, the BDYO emphasizes education as the fundamental building block needed to achieve successful futures.

In 2010, the BDYO developed a Math & Reading Program for children 6-12 years old. Through individual tutoring, the organization provides assistance to youth in areas that may be of special concern.  Through its mentoring program, the BDYO is able to work with those individuals who may have disciplinary issues, or who just needs a positive influence in their lives.

Learn more about the B.I.G. D.O.G.S. Youth Organization at: www.BIGDOGSYOUTH.org.

“A need or problem encourages creative efforts to meet the need or solve the problem.” ~ Plato


A.D. Jenkins founded the B.D.Y.O. in 2001. On May 7, 2016, Voters living in Irving Independent School District’s single-member District 5 elected A.D. to serve a three-year term on the Irving ISD Board of Trustees. He has worked for IBM Corporation for over 10 years as a Technical Enablement Specialist and remains fully committed to the B.I.G. D.O.G.S. organization.  Mr. Jenkins is directly responsible for hundreds of B.I.G. D.O.G.S. participant college achievements.


Mike Webb has been a member of the B.D.Y.O. Board of Directors since 2009. Along with other board members, he provides direction and leadership for the organization.  Mike is a native Dallassite and Real Estate Investor.  He invests a great deal of his time as a volunteer for The Potter’s House of Dallas, Texas, as well as for The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation.

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The Fatherhood Awards

Presented by The B.I.G. D.O.G.S. Youth Organization

A Certified 501(c)(3) Organization

B.I.G. D.O.G.S.

Founded 2001


Many BDYO participants are still in grade school.  To date, 97% of BDYO youth that were involved in one or more BDYO programs graduated from high school.  Of the 97% of graduates, 80% have entered college, junior college, armed service or trade school.  A few notable participants include:

  • Rickey Scott – Graduate of Univ of Arkansas
  • Ray Mitchell – Graduate of Univ of Northern Iowa
  • J. Thompson – Graduate of South East Missouri
  • James Sims – former football player from Kansas Jayhawks
  • Austin Franklin – former football player from New Mexico St
  • Jalen Brown – former football player from Notre Dame
  • Charles Buggs – currently attending Minnesota Gophers (basketball)
  • Javon Austin – currently attending Bowling Green (basketball)
  • Taion Sells – currently attending Baylor (football)
  • Rocket Ismail Jr. – currently attending TCU (football)
  • Cameron Brown – former football player from Western Kentucky
  • Tevyn Jenkins – currently scheduled to graduate in Dec ’15
  • Michael Scott – currently attending SMU (football)
  • DaLonte Scott – currently attending SMU (football)
  • Kevon Thomas – currently attending West Texas A&M
  • Tyler Singleton – currently attending Univ of Incarnate Word
  • Stephen Sullivan – ranked in top 20 in the nation (football)
  • Jared Jenkins – ranked in top #75 in Texas (basketball)