Uplifting Fathers. Recognizing Fatherhood.


The Fatherhood Awards is an awe-inspiring, star-studded comedy-and-music awards show that brings together local and national celebrities, athletes, area officials, and the general public, to pay tribute to extraordinary, well-deserving fathers, and father-figures, who perform extraordinary acts for their families, friends and communities. But that’s not all…


In addition to rewarding superior acts of fatherhood and leadership, this gratifying and unique awards show is significant to the progressive promotion of police-community relations. The Fatherhood Awards was created to acknowledge, celebrate, and recognize men who uplift their neighborhoods and communities through public service, personal contributions, and the pursuit of personal improvement as fathers and father-figures. The event is part comedy show, part live concert and filled with entertainment.

The Fatherhood Awards

Presented by The B.D.Y.O., The Fatherhood Awards are driven by public nominations and bestows non-traditional awards upon a father and/or father-figure in the following categories:


  • Most Outstanding Coach
  • Most Outstanding Community or Neighborhood Leader
  • Most Outstanding Educator or Tutor
  • Most Outstanding Father In A Blended Family
  • Most Outstanding Long Distance Truck Driver
  • Most Outstanding Military Serviceman
  • Most Outstanding Public or Municipal Servant
  • Most Outstanding Role Model
  • Most Outstanding Small Business Owner/Entrepreneur
  • Most Outstanding Volunteer
  • Most Outstanding Father of the Year

Join us as Dallas / Fort Worth says “thank you” to some well-deserving dads and father-figures who strive every day to make a difference.